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Recommended Riding Equipment

Wet weather riding suit (jacket & trousers) Suitable foot wear (boots). Warm waterproof gloves Helmet (a legal requirement in the UK) Sun glasses (we hope) You will need to make sure that you will be warm and comfortable for a days riding (about 5 - 6 hours in the saddle). This is Britain, it does rain, it can be cool, misty, damp and sometimes we get glorious sunshine. A Mobile phone is not essential but can be very handy on a tour if you have one "bring it". The trip began with the journey from Hemyock to the Ferry in North Shields Newcastle upon Tyne. Then by Ferry to Kristiansand in Norway, It rained almost all day so the photos start as we crossed the border into Sweden.

This Campsite in Finland was closed, but the showers were open and hot. We met a single Fin complette with snow shoes and hunting rifle but no English, we had no Finish, so hand signals only. We camped in view of the huge frozen lake (Temp -2c Brrr) Entering Finland From Sweden near Karesuando (the border post was closed). The last of the red wine the bag in a box had leaked, so out with the drinking water and red wine in every bottle. Mike in the play area Honningsvag. Posing in front of the web cam so the world and our families can see we realy did get here.

Cruiselines dock here to see the northern lights no chance now 24 hrs of daylight. We rent a Hytta for the night at the most northerly campsite in Europe (probably the world) 0nly 20K from North Cape (Nord Kapp in Norwegian). I pose in underwear just to prove how hard I am. I was ok in the sun but bitter in the shade.

The bikes outside the Nord Kapp visitor centre at almost 11 O'clock at night the road back to the campsite bleak, bleak, bleak, I woudnt want to break down out here its now -1c. After more exhaust repairs this time with a curry tin we prepare to start the trip home via the fjords.