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Best driving roads in UK

The beautiful island of Great Britain has some amazing architecture, wonderful nature and great people. It is hard to experience all that at once, especially if you don't have much time, and that is why you should take your own car, or even better - a motorcycle, and be your own boss, decide where to go and what to see. But there is even more - you can pick certain roads that will help you see and experience as much as possible, because in UK, there are some pretty scenic and amazing driving roads. Beside many guided motorcycle tours, you can find many tips and tricks on this website and hear about roads that will make you want to just keep driving.

In UK, it is not the case that everything is about the capital city, London, because there are many other cities that offer more in different aspects, like relaxation, nature, architecture, history and many other things. So make sure, if you stay in London, to visit other cities as well, and to rent a motorcycle because that is the best way to enjoy your ride on the British roads.

If you are looking for a chance to explore the British countryside, to just take your motorcycle and take a break from all the guided motorcycle tours and just enjoy your time with yourself, the nature and peacefulness of the place you are at, then you should consider traveling a little more west, to Wales or the green lands. This also means a break, because you will be on road for a few days, but you will catch up soon, that is for sure. There is a beautiful city, very close to Bristol, called Ashwick, with some great old buildings and surrounded with incredible calm and peaceful landscapes. What you need to do is take your motorcycle, pack a few things and go to Bristol, take a room there and make sure to get to Ashwick in the morning. You can stay there a few hours and explore the city, but short after noon you should go on, because the road is waiting for you, and this is not a guided motorcycle tour, so you have to manage your time by yourself. Take the road B3135 from Aschwick to Cheddar, which is also a small town but it's very charming. The city is not what you will find mesmerizing, though, because the road will be amazing. There is nature, and only nature on both sides, green grass, trees and stones. You will find it great, for sure.

From Bristol you can also go to Upper Brynamman, a little village in Powys, which is beautiful, but not the thing we are looking for. The roads to this village may be good, but the real amazing thing is waiting for you - A4069 or also known as the Black Mountain Road. This road is just scenic as it gets and it is just as good taking it on your own, if not even better, like doing it with a guided motorcycle tour, because of the silence, the nature and just the amazing atmosphere.